The importance of choosing the right tires

Most people spend many months if not years when choosing the right car for their family but little or no consideration is given to the tires. Why is this? Probably when you bought your car it came with tires, so you probably didn’t even give it any thought. However there comes a day when these tires need to be changed and that is when you might be overwhelmed by the choice of tires on the market today.
Things to consider when buying tires are what kind of driving you will be doing, what kind of car you drive, what kind of weather conditions you will be driving in and last but not least your budget. Obviously if you have a high performance car you should look into some high quality tires with appropriate speed rating something that indicates the maximum safest speed the tire can be driven. Usually this speed rating is way above the legal speed limit but that is not to say a higher speed rating is not necessary. Usually the tires with a higher speed rating have greater levels of handlin…

Improve Your Tire Economy

As products are distributed to a higher degree across the nation, there are now more trucks than ever frequenting our highways. Even though tires are only a small cost of the whole equation of getting goods to our stores, they are an item that wears out over time. The tire wear is a function of several factors, in optimal conditions the wear is very low and the tires will last a long time. With increased load the wear will increase and especially if you have the wrong tires or a low quality tire mounted on your rig. Below we will look at how you can improve the tire economy of your fleet without impacting the safety.
Considering a long haul truck can easily have 18 heavy truck tires mounted on them, there will be a lot of tires to change as they wear out. The tire wear will increase as well if they are not well maintained. A big cause of high tire wear is under-inflation of the tire. Under-inflation can damage the casing of the tire, if the tire has been severely under-inflated. Steps …

Tips On How To Prevent Hydroplaning

There are some important things to consider when buying tires. Living in Oregon and dealing with lots of rain the risk for hydroplaning is quite big. It is very important to equip your car with a high quality tire dedicated to the season that you will be driving in. What else can you do to prevent hydroplaning? There are two types of hydroplaning aquaplaning and slushplaning. Aquaplaning being from water or rain and slushplaning from melted snow and ice or in other words slush. The effect is the same, basically a loss of contact with the road and thereby a loss of control of your car. This can be quite disconcerting and obviously very dangerous.
Here are some important tips how to avoid hydroplaning. Make sure you have good quality tires and that they are properly inflated. Rotate and replace when necessary. Slow down when roads are wet and avoid puddles and standing water. It is also important to have the right tires for the season. This is because in the winter, dedicated winter tir…

Selecting Tires For Your Backhoe Loader

When you need to select tires for your backhoe loader it might be worth consulting the technical tire manual to ensure that you select the right tire for the use case you have in mind. Backhoe tires are in general always very durable, so you need to base in on the load you will need, the surface you will drive on and also what weather conditions are prevailing.
The Nokian TRI Backhoe tire is an exceptional backhoe tires that is able to provide stable work without having to use supporting beams to do the job. This tire will deliver in any weather conditions and it has excellent grip both longitudinal and lateral, even in wintertime. The carcass has been strengthened to handle massive loads.
If you want your backhoe loader to be able to deliver good results when doing earthmoving and road maintenance work then this is probable a good tire for you. Like with all Nokian Tyres products, they are produced in an environmental way, without harmful high aromatic oils, Nokian Tyres uses only pur…

What All-Weather Tires Are Suitable For An Electric SUV?

Spring is emerging here in Vail, Colorado and I am starting to look for SUV all-weather tires suitable for our Tesla Model X to replace our winter tires. I’ve been very satisfied with our Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV winter tiresand that’s why we decided to stay with the same tire manufacturer. We were told that the Nokian WR G3 SUV tire would be a good choice.
The Nokian WR G3SUV tire is especially designed for safety and carefree driving in any season. It allows for excellent handling, stability, low rolling resistance and control even at high speeds and features cutting edge technologies like “3D Self-locking siping”, which helps with the wear resistance of the tire by minimizing heat generation. This is because of the self-locking 3D sipe on the center rib of the tire gives support both diagonally and longitudinally. Nokian Tyres is also the only company to use purified oils in their production of tires, so no toxins or carcinogenic chemicals are being used at all. There was also a…

Reasons Why You Need Summer Tires

After having moved with my family to Alaska and having invested in Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 tires for the harsh Alaskan winters, I now needed to look into summer tires. Summers, even though they are here pretty short, bring a very different climate and road conditions. The Alaskan summer begins in June and lasts until August, the temperature varies from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer is fairly dry but when it rains, it really rains. So, for this varied summer weather I opted to invest in a good set of summer tires.
The Nokian zLinesummer tire masters varied summer weather and with our Audi family car I wanted some well performing tires to explore the Alaskan country side in the summer. What a joy our first journey was after having changed our winter tiresto summer tires. Greate performance! The summer tires are really responsive and maintain a perfect feel for the road. Even though it is our family car, I do sometimes enjoy driving at high speeds and even at high speeds the tir…

Tire Selection Is Now Always The Easiest

Regardless of what heavy equipment that you need tires for, the choice will not always be that easy. Choosing the wrong tire can quickly lead to a catastrophy, if the tire cracks or explodes during massive loads or you get stuck in difficult terrain.

The whole scale of the investments involved makes any wrong decisions very fast very expensive. The smaller the tires, the easier the decision is in general true. If you take an excavator tire, then you still have quite many choices of tires and the consequences of selecting the wrong tire can still have serious consequences, but the bigger loads and machines that you will deal with, the consequences increases almost exponentially.
It is well worth checking the technical tire manual to ensure that the load and tires matches the machine where you will fit the tires on. Predicting all circumstances such as terrain and weather conditions combined with the load is always a good start for tire selection. The further off-site you are, the fact t…