The importance of the forest for the Nordic countries

Forestry has been very important source of income for the Nordic countries and it still represent a major industry in those countries. This is the reason why Nokian Tyres the Finnish tire manufacturer has gained such a global position in producing the best forestry tires. The company has worked closely with the industry and with equipment manufacturers to continuously develop better and better tires that area able to get the job done even though the tough circumstances. They are able to satisfy the customers need for very durable and load bearing tires that can work with the bigger and heavier equipment.
Working closely with the users where they innovate and collaborate to develop through decades of dedication to forestry the best tires possible. This is why they are today the number one in forestry tires. Through swamps, bogs and rocky terrain that the equipment have to work in, they will need tires that can handle the load and provide the grip without loosing their world class dura…

Why you can’t use winter tires in the summer

Winter tires are the ultimate choice for severe winter conditions and give the ultimate performance on snow and ice – studded winter tires, even more so. If you do not mind changing tires after the winter season, then you have made the best choice for your family’s safety. The big drawback with winter tires, however, is the need to change tires once the winter season is over. This is because winter tires are not made to be used in other seasons besides winter, and in some States, it is even illegal.
When you buy high-quality winter tires – whether you invest in studded tires or non-studded tires– you will be able to handle the toughest of winter conditions. If you live in an area with severe winters, you will not be disappointed in their performance. Even though winter tires are not able to be used during the rest of the year, they will justify any inconvenience that having to change tires will entail.
Since winter tires are specifically designed to be used during the cold months, t…

Why non-studded tires are a strong winter driving option

It used to be that studded winter tires were the ultimate in winter traction; however, recent innovations have made non-studded tires an appealing option for winter driving, too. Studded tires grip clear ice more effectively than non-studded tires, and they’re still ideal for roads that endure lots of icy weather. But non-studded tires are great for the snowy conditions that many parts of North America face each year.
The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 non-studded winter tire excels in winter conditions thanks to such innovations. This tire offers the perfect balance of safety and comfort with excellent grip on both ice and snow. This is due to technology the Arctic Sense Grip concept that allows for relentless grip and controlled quiet driving due to sipes that adapt to all weather conditions. In addition, Biobased Cryo Crystal 3 grip particles have been added to the rubber compound to enhance grip, especially on ice. Just as studded tires thrive on ice, these non-studded tires provide safe…

Will the harbor terminals suffer from global trade wars?

The current global trade wars will for sure impact all of use in one way or another. There will for sure impact the amount being delivered and arriving at the main ports. The question is though if it will be a significant and long standing disruption. It might also lead to a shift in how the logistics is done. It will most likely not be a big decline, but it is more likely to stifle the growth. So there will be a similar demand of equipment at the main ports as well as in the various terminals.
In the big global logistics network there is a big need for tires if high quality that can manage heavy loads, be durable and have long service life to ensure that there is no disruption in the logistics chain and allow timely deliveries of goods around the globe. You have everything from wheeled equipment in the terminals, such as terminal tractors and RTG-cranes, which have strict requirements on needed terminal tractor tires and RTG-tires. These need to be able to carry very heavy loads, be …

Better mobility and improved versatility with wheeled excavator

The advantage of a wheeled excavator versus one with tracks is that you have much better mobility and can move around much faster. Depending on the work site you can even manage with just an excavator and a dump truck, where the excavator will dig the site and the dump truck can remove all the material from the site. In some cases you would also add a loader that can collect the material and then dump it in the dump truck, this can of course be avoided it the excavator can dump straight into a dump truck, where you would probably need two dump trucks not to slow down the work of the excavator.
With a wheeled excavator you will need to make sure that you will get good reliable excavator tires that will be able to provide enough stability and grip, while also being very durable. The same goes for the dump truck and thewheel loader tires, they will need to be very puncture resistant to avoid having tire problems from the sharp objects like rocks on the site. Ending up with tire problem…

Why all-season tires are better than all-weather tires for summer driving

The main reason that all-season tires perform better than all-weather tires in the summer is the same reason why all-weather tires perform better than all-season tires in the winter. The reason all-weather tires perform so well in the winter on snow and ice is due to their more aggressive tread patterns and tread compounds that allow for use in colder weather. All-season tires handle better in the summer than all-weather tires, as their tread patterns are less aggressive and allow for more contact with the road. Also, the rubber compound can withstand a greater temperature range.

This allows all-season tires to be ideal for spring and summer with their unique tread design that allows them to have excellent handling and stability on wet and dry payment alike. If you come from a place where summers get extremely hot there is no need to worry, as all-season tires are made to handle a large range of temperatures.

If you live in an area where there are severe winters and you are set on n…

When you need the best forest tires

Forestry is challenging work and work that has been almost converted from previously most of it was done by hand to nowadays where everything is done with equipment.To ensure that your equipment doesn’t breakdown or experience problems far into the forest you will need both equipment and tires that you can rely on. Nokian Tyres is the global market leader in forest tires, with a vast range of tires that are built to last and to get the job done regardless of weather or surface conditions. They have excelled in producing tires for some of the most challenging conditions operating in the most challenging weather conditions. The Finnish forest in early spring can be anything from swamp filled to full of snow and ice.
For these conditions you will need to rely on tires that have been developed for these circumstances. Nokian Tyres has a wide range of tires that are suitable for the different equipment used in forestry. You have everything from skidder tires to harvester and forwarder tire